What are Algebra Tiles

Algebra Tiles are a manipulative teaching aid used to model Integers/Directed Numbers and Algebraic operations. By using these tiles, while following a small number of conventions, students obtain a visual and concrete representation of Integers and Algebra. This assists in understanding these new concepts, as well as provide a long term concrete model to fall back on when needed.

Algebra Tiles connect operations on integers, and factorisation and expansion of algebraic expressions, with the area of squares and rectangles. This builds upon students' understanding and use of arrays in earlier years.

There are 3 types of Algeba Tiles. The smallest square tiles represent 1 unit. A rectangle represents the x tile. A larger square, whose side is the same length as the x tile, is the x squared tile.

Algebra Tiles set (4).jpg

One side of each tile is coloured, and the other side is grey. The coloured side represents a positive value of the tile and the grey side represents a negative value of the tile.

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