Teaching with Algebra Tiles

A new and exciting hands-on teaching aid that teaches Integers and Algebraic Simplification, Expansion and Factorisation for understanding.
Using this resource, your students will quickly grasp the concepts that many find so difficult to understand and apply.

Algebra Tiles can be used to teach:

  1. The four operations on integers
  2. Simplification of algebraic expressions
  3. Expansion and Factorisation of Linear Expressions
  4. Expansion and Factorisation of Quadratic Expressions, including completing the square.


DSC_0336 (4).jpg

The Teaching with Algebra Tiles resource consists of PowerPoint presentations, with detailed instructions and teaching points for teachers included in the presentations.

The presentations include over 50 videos demonstrating the use of Algebra Tiles.

One of the big advantages of introducing integers and algebra by using Algebra Tiles is that students always have a concrete model to fall back on when needed. Even without a set of algebra tiles, students can quickly draw pictures to assist them to complete a problem.

The Teaching with Algebra Tiles digital resource serves two purposes:

  1. Professional Learning for your school’s Mathematics teachers.
  2. Classroom Teaching Resource used by Mathematics teachers in their teaching of students in the classroom.

This digital resource requires class sets of Algebra Tiles. These class sets of the Algebra Tiles are easy and cheap to make using the templates provided, or can be purchased separately from the authors. Students do not need to have access to computers or laptops to use Algebra Tiles in class.

alg tiles 3.jpg

We have a Demonstration PowerPoint available for download and viewing. This PowerPoint showcases the Teaching with Algebra Tiles Resource and includes some of the videos.

if you are interested in buying a Teaching with Algebra Tiles Resource School Licence or class sets of Algebra Tiles, click here

Support for Using Algebra Tiles

Norrian and Michael offer support to schools to introduce Algebra Tiles by providing Professional Learning Seminars for teachers on using the Teaching with Algebra Tiles Resource.

We are also available to support individual teachers in using Algebra Tiles.