2 hour session – can be in a single session or can be delivered over two 1 hour sessions.

Most students have misconceptions about Decimals. They find it difficult to extend their knowledge of Place Value beyond the decimal point. Many teachers are unaware of the range of misconceptions that students can hold about Decimals.

This workshop is based on the Victorian Middle Years Numeracy Decimals Module.

It looks at an easy to implement diagnostic test to identify the common misconceptions held by students. These misconceptions are explained with a range of teaching strategies, to address these misconceptions.

Linear Arithmetic Blocks

We also introduce Linear Arithmetic Blocks (LABs) - a powerful model which exposes these misconceptions to students and helps to correct them. It is essentially lenghts of conduit each 10 times longer than the previous one. 

For information on how to use Linear Arithmetic Blocks,  click here (This link takes you to The University Of Melbourne Education website.)


To download our instructions on how to make your own set of LABs click here

To download a template for a set of paper LABs that can be photocopied and laminated, click here



$600 for groups up to 25 plus travel for venues outside Melbourne, Australia. Prices current as of May 1, 2018.

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