1 hour session

Knowing your multiplication facts [“times tables”] is seen by  adults in students’ lives as being good at mathematics.

Probably as a result of this, knowing multiplication facts features highest in giving a child a sense of self-confidence about their mathematical abilities. The level of a child's self-confidence plays a crucial role in learning and applying mathematics.

Students often underestimate the number of multiplication facts that they do know and extrapolate to say that they don’t know their tables.

Fluency in Addition and Multiplication Facts are crucial to success in Secondary Mathematics. However, generally Secondary Mathematics teachers are unaware of the strategies required to teach students their Multiplication Facts and fall back on practice and rote learning.

Our presentation explains the efficient strategies used to teach students their Addition and Multiplication Facts and how these can assist in their students becoming fluent. Excel spreadsheets are also provided to particiants so that their students can easily complete targeted pratice of these strategies.


$300 for groups up to 25, plus travel for venues outside Melbourne. Prices current as of May 1, 2018.

2 presenters

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