Times Tables Strategies App

Did you know, to multiply a number by 3, first you double that number and then add the original number?
Would you like to learn other strategies like this to help you and/or your child to learn their Times Tables?


You can learn and practise these efficient strategies until you are fluent in your Addition and Multiplication facts. Compete against yourself to improve your accuracy and speed.
Times Tables Strategies* recognises that for most students trying to rote learn a huge number of facts doesn’t work. Times Tables Strategies develops student’s number facts by teaching efficient strategies sequentially with targeted practice. Each strategy is explained and examples of how to use the strategies are also provided.

The timed practice focuses on one strategy at a time, enabling both the strategy, as well as the individual numbers facts, to be learnt.

The Addition number facts are included in the strategies and practice, as many of the Multiplication strategies rely on fluency in addition.

Many students suffer from ’cognitive overload’ while learning new ideas in Mathematics because they do not know their Addition and Multiplication number facts. Times Tables Strategy will enable students to learn these facts and significantly reduce their response times. If a number fact is temporarily forgotten, they can use the efficient strategy they have learnt and practised to work out the answer. No longer will students need to use their fingers, count on, skip count or sing or recite their tables.

* Currently the Times Tables Strategies App is only available from the Apple App Store.