Teaching with Algebra Tiles Resource


3 hour session – can be in 1 session or can be spread over 2 sessions.

Understanding Integers, or Directed Numbers, is a prerequisite to understanding Algebra. Algebra Tiles are a hands-on teaching aid that enables students to understand integers. This then provides the foundation to use Algebra Tiles to introduce Expansion and Factorisation of both linear and quadratic expressions.

The focus of this workshop is on using Algebra Tiles to introduce and teach Integers, Algebraic Simplification, Expansion and Factorisation. Detailed notes, including many examples, are provided. Teaching strategies are explained throughout the session.  We also provide participants with the templates to cheaply make their own class sets of Algebra Tiles.


$900 for groups up to 25, plus travel for venues outside Melbourne. Prices current as of May 1, 2018.

2 presenters

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